• 2nd Dec 2016

Supply Chain Board Game Going Global!

Sponsors are backing Business on the Move, Global Edition.


Following the success of its UK launch just a couple of years ago, the creators of an innovative supply chain board game Business on the Move are now attracting international sponsors to create a Global edition of their popular board game. Their social enterprise already has the backing of leading global supply chain operators such as DP World, MSC, the TT Club, Unipart and XPO Logistics.

Business on the Move teaches young people about global supply chains. The aim is for players to move goods from one side of the world to customers on the other side of the world by land, sea and air, as quickly, as profitably and as responsibly as they can.

International demand has inspired the game’s creators to devise a Global edition. Their vision is that by 2020, over 150,000 people will have played Business on the Move.

To make this vision a reality, global supply chain companies and organisations are being sought to feature in the Global edition of Business on the Move. If you would like your company or organization to be involved, contact pat@businessonthemove.org .