Global Insights

  • 6th Dec 2016

Feeding London 2030: Facing the Logistical Challenge

UKWA has commissioned a vital new report for those involved in the supply chains that provide food, beverage & food services to the UK’s capital city, London. This timely and valuable source of data, while focusing on London, looks at the shared challenges ahead for successful urban logistics – rising populations, increased pressure on infrastructure, […]

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  • 5th Oct 2016

Supply chain insights for the Asian century – by Mark Millar, M Power Associates

As the traditional strongholds of consumerism – the developed markets in Europe and the United States – suffer from a range of economic woes including low-growth or no-growth, multinational corporations (MNCs) remain challenged for revenue and profitability. As a result, companies are increasingly looking to Asia for market expansion, revenue growth, and increased profits. However, […]

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  • 28th Sep 2016

Brexit and beyond – by Pierre Liguouri, Tokema International

While ‘Brexit’ may have generated uncertainty, not just for the UK but around the world, it also presents a unique growth opportunity for logistics services providers, says director of Tokema International Pierre Liguori As it’s only a matter of months after the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU, it is still difficult to evaluate […]

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  • 1st Feb 2016

The size and make-up of the UK Warehousing Sector – by Kevin Mofid, Savills

In a report commissioned and published by UKWA, global real estate services provider Savills highlights a critical lack of real estate supply and appropriate development in the UK logistics sector. Supply of warehouses in the UK is currently 32 million square feet There is a headline vacancy rate of 7.5% But 20% of the stock […]

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