IFWLA offers a powerful new gateway to global businesses, connecting logistics service providers worldwide. Bringing together members of the national warehouse and logistics associations of countries including North America, China, Japan, United Kingdom, India and others, as well as individual logistics companies where national associations do not exist, IFWLA has created a massive business-to-business logistics network with thousands of contacts and tens of thousands of locations across the globe.

Introducing Logistics Worldwide magazine

This brand new digital magazine is the official publication of IFWLA. Reaching all members of every association worldwide, it provides the perfect platform to reach a global audience. Contact enquiries@ukwa.org.uk for advertising or editorial information.


Why Join IFWLA?

Members of national associations already belonging to IFWLA automatically enjoy these benefits:
  • access to the global network of members
  • opportunity to meet with colleagues, peers, potential business partners and customers at international events
  • knowledge sharing, local expertise and market intelligence
  • specialist training
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